Terms of use

Carflex Rent a Car is a Mexican company which is characterized by its flexibility and passion for service, we provide peace of mind and support whenever you rent one of our cars. And above all, keep you "Connected" at all times.

If you have any questions or comments, please call us by phone at (999) 925-9000 or email: servicio.clientes@carflexrentacar.com.mx

Renta de autos Carflex
  • The minimum age is 21 years to rent a car Carflex Rent a Car Mexico.
  • Current driver's license. The primary client and any additional driver must present a valid driver's license from the country of residence. We reserve the right to verify the driver's license according to the rules established by Carflex Rent a Car Mexico and deny the rental in case of non-compliance with any of them.
  • Current identification with photograph. INE credential (for Mexican citizens), Passport or Passport Card, FM2, FM3 and permanent residence card.
  • To begin your rental process it is essential to present a credit card whose holder’s name is the same as the rental holder, however as a final payment you can make the charge to your debit card. The credit card must be at least 1 year old from its date of issue.
  • Credit cards accepted as a form of payment are:
    • American Express
    • Visa
    • Master Card
  • Carflex Rent a Car México reserves the right to accept or not, some bank credit cards from certain plans, in poor condition, illegible or of dubious origin.
  • Carflex Rent a Car México reserves the right to rent a vehicle if any of our rental requirements are not met.

For your safety we do not accept cash in any currency, as a method of payment we only accept credit and debit cards (only debit at the end of the rent to close the contract).


The pre-authorizations are amounts taken in guarantee for the rental of the car which are deducted from the limit of the credit card but it is not a charge. At the end of the rental we take from this pre-authorization the amount corresponding to the rent or any other "extra" expense generated during the rent and we proceed to release the rest. To know the time of release of the pre-authorization to your card, we ask you to communicate directly to your bank, since the process of release is out of our hands from the moment we close the rental contract in our office.

Your rate includes Partial Damage Waiver (PDW) for the car against damage due to collision, theft, partial or total loss. It does not include loss of keys or car plates, fines, cranes and others.

A ECMR Economy Manual $20,000 MXN / $1,200 USD
D ICAR Intermediate $20,000 MXN / $1,200 USD
F SCAR Standard $30,000 MXN / $1,700 USD
I IFAR Intermediate SUV $30,000 MXN / $1,700 USD
M MVAR Minivan $30,000 MXN / $1,700 USD

Taxes (VAT): Subject to 16% nationwide.

Charge for leaving in another city ("Drop-Off" or "One-way"): this charge only applies if the Customer wishes to take the car in one city and return it in another, the amounts for this concept vary according to the distance between the cities and the detail of this amount is broken down in the cost quotation and / or confirmation. Cars can only be returned in places where there are Carflex Rent a Car offices. Cost per kilometer $ 8.50 MXN plus VAT.


  • Cozumel - cars can’t leave the island or be returned to it if they were not rented there.
  • Cars can not leave Mexico under any circumstance, this invalidates 100% of the protections acquired.

Gasoline charge: gasoline is not included in the rate, unless specified by the package or promotion. Vehicles must be returned with a full tank of gas otherwise the charge for filling the tank in the additional rental station will apply, the cost of the missing gasoline is $ 35 MXN plus VAT per liter. We recommend you use the Pre-Paid Gas service to save time and money. (Fuel purchase option).

Additional driver charge: The first additional driver on all Carflex Rent a Car, rentals will be free, regardless of kinship or relationship with the primary client. The additional driver will be subject to the same obligations of the customer regarding the handling of the car and is also jointly and severally liable with respect to civil liability for damages to third parties and / or the Carflex Rent a Car’s car.

Second additional driver: Daily charge: $ 143MXN / per week: $ 715 MXN / per month: $ 715 MXN.

Fee for young driver: You can rent a vehicle if you are 21 years old; for this you will have to cover the young driver’s charge of $ 130 MXN in all the groups of car, subject to airport tax and VAT.

Charge for Wi-Fi use: It has a cost of $ 240 pesos per day.

Fee for loss of use (LOU): in case of an eventuality in which the vehicle is unable to be rented again, the customer will be responsible for all lost rental days attributable to the time of repair or detention; This charge is waived by acquiring our Total Protection package or if the acquired replacement is invalidated for not respecting the contracted policies and procedures.

In the event that the rented car is stopped due to an accident, by the breathalyser or due to bad parking, in addition to the collection of fines and expenses needed for the release of the unit, charges will also be applied for the amount of rental days that the car lasts seized and a fee for Administrative Services of $ 2,000 MXN plus VAT.

Vehicle license fee (VLF): Service fee and vehicle procedures included in all rates of Carflex Rent a Car.

Premium Assistance in the Road (RSA):Be at ease by having Carflex Rent a Car send you a keys’ duplicate, replacement of tire puncture, battery recharge or refueling for shortage (up to 5 liters with charge to the client at market cost). DOES NOT include replacement cost of lost or damaged key.

Protection against collision and theft with Zero% deductible (LDW): This protection gives you peace of mind that in case of a collision or theft incident, you will be exempt from paying a deductible.

Partial Damage Waiver (PDW): for the car against damage due to collision, theft, partial or total loss. It does not include loss of keys or car plates, fines, cranes and others.

Carflex Rent a Car rate includes car rental for a specific period (day, week or month), unlimited mileage, collision and theft protection with deductible and Limited Third Party Damage Insurance. The PDW protection does NOT include tire, wheel rim or glass breakage. The minimum rental charge will be one day, regardless of whether the customer occupies the car only part of that time.

Fractions of day that exceed 3 hours are also considered as a day of rent. In the case of our liability relays, these are charged in full after 60 minutes if they have been acquired.

The rental rate does not include fines’ payment, offences, gasoline, loss of plates, loss of circulation card, loss or breakdown of keys, theft of car parts, leaving the car in another city ("Drop off" or "One Ways "), nor any other imputable to the client.

The place and date agreed and covered by the rental agreement, for car returnal, can be modified at the customer's request, prior authorization from Carflex Rent a Car. In case of breach of this provision by the client, in addition to the charges arising from them, Carflex Rent a Car will be entitled to terminate the lease immediately and exercise the necessary actions to physically recover possession of the car wherever it is and from whoever is driving it.

Any change or cancellation to your reservation can be made / requested through the same medium where it was created, at least 6 hours before the reserved time.

On reservations over the Internet, you do not need to provide a Credit Card number (except Pre-Paid). However, these reservations will only be available up to 2 hours after the confirmed time.

In the form of Prepaid online or by our World Reservation Center, the name of the client that appears in the reservation must correspond to the holder of the credit card; It is NOT possible to pre-pay rents for a different person to the holder of the credit card, this is for our clients safety and to avoid computer frauds.

Reservations guaranteed by credit card or pre-paid will remain active throughout the working day or until the locality closes.

In case you do not require the reserved service we ask you to cancel your reservation through the same medium where it was created with a minimum of 6 hours advance notice; If there is a prepayment, the refund of the amount paid will be full, as long as you make the corresponding cancellation fulfilling the required anticipation. Otherwise, 1 day of rent will be applied without exception.

In case of not canceling your reservation, the credit card used will be charged the equivalent of one day's rent of the VAT included rate without the right to claim or dispute.

* All extra charges are subject to local taxes and fees.